Friday, 29 January 2016

A little introduction,

Hey Sweets,

Well I should probably start by introducing myself! i'm Gayle a twenty two year old vegetarian who loves anything pink, cute & girly! I have two amazing dogs Harvey & Nelson who will probably feature quite a lot in this blog! I love cups of tea probably a bit too much for a twenty-two year old (as my boyfriend tells me).. I also have quite a bad habit of spending all my money on clothes, beauty products, and food..

So why am I hear writing this blog you may wonder? Well for about 5 years now I have always wanted to start a blog as a place to jot down things I've been loving, places I've been, memories that have been made, and why haven't I? I let life get in the way.. I studied fashion at college and was so into reading blogs.. Then college finished and I was left in a bit of limbo land .. I got accepted into university then chickened out at the last minute. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do! (And that's definitely ok I was still so young!) So after working in retail I started to decided it definitely wasn't for me..what else do I love I started to wonder? Well .. Property! Yes a bit of an extreme change, however as much as I love my job now I feel like there is always going to be that pat of me that wants to write about clothes, beauty products I love, my favourite recipes and everything girly!

.. Wow sorry for the ramble but it felt good! Which leads on nicely to my blog name.. Tea with Gayle.. I want this to be the kind of blog where you grab your favourite mug fill it with delicious tea (or your favourite beverage!) and have a good read and a natter.

I hope you enjoy reading my little online diary.

 Love Gayle.